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Army Deserter Bergdahl May Get FAT CHECK From U.S. Army #MediaInfidels #Army

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November 9th, 2017

When Amy deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl came home in 2014, it was possible he may be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay that accumulated over five years while he was living with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Bergdahl was captured after walking off base on June 30, 2009, during his deployment to Paktika province with 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division. He pleaded guilty in October to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. On Nov. 3, a military judge ruled Bergdahl would not serve any jail time but be dishonorably discharged from the Army and reduced in rank to private.

On top of the back pay he may receive, it could be boosted significantly if he is allowed to collect extra pay for captive troops.

In total, along with his basic and deployment pay, he could be entitled to more than $300,000.

But the Army has not calculated that pay yet, a G-1 spokesman told Army Times, because the legal proceedings since his homecoming in 2014 have put that in limbo.

“Based upon the results of trial, the Army is reviewing Sgt. Bergdahl’s pay and allowances,” Lt. Col. Randy Taylor told Army Times. “His final pay and allowances will be determined in accordance with DoD policy and Army regulation.”

Those policies and regulations require the Army to wait for Gen. Robert Abrams, the commander of Army Forces Command and the convening authority in this case, to approve the sentence that was handed down to Bergdahl, an Army official, who was not authorized to speak on the record, told Army Times.

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