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Bonehead Apple Programmers Make Mac Computers Hilariously Easy To Hack #Apple #technology

Bonehead Apple Programmers Make Mac Computers Hilariously Easy To Hack

Most people don’t like Apple computers, it’s just the way it is. Now people have another reason to not like them.

Their programmers are idiots.

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Computer updates are supposed to shore up your system’s defenses and make your most important files and documents (videos of cats failing to jump off things) impenetrable to would-be hackers and criminals.

But nobody told Apple. In the company’s latest version of OS High Sierra, the tech giants have accidentally included a massive security flaw that makes hacking your system hilariously simple.

You see, if you’ve downloaded the update then anyone can log into your Mac by just typing ‘root’ into the username field.

As everyone knows, there are security flaws in software.

Then there are those that don’t even require hacking at all—just a knock on the door, and asking to be let in. Apple’s macOS High Sierra has the second kind reports Wired.

Security researchers disclosed a bug that allows anyone a blindingly easy method of breaking that operating system’s security protections. When anyone hits a prompt in High Sierra asking for a username and password before logging into a machine with multiple users, installing an application or changing settings, they can simply type “root” as a username, leave the password field blank, click “unlock” twice, and immediately gain full access.

In other words, the bug allows any rogue user that gets the slightest foothold on a target computer to gain the deepest level of access to a computer, known as “root” privileges. Malware designed to exploit the trick could also fully install itself deep within the computer, no password required.

“We always see malware trying to escalate privileges and get root access,” says Patrick Wardle, a security researcher with Synack. “This is best, easiest way ever to get root, and Apple has handed it to them on a silver platter.”

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November 29th, 2017

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