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VIDEO – Appeals Court Aids New World Order In Decision Against Trump #Trump #NWO immigration

President Donald Trump’s effort to crack down on sanctuary cities suffered another legal setback Thursday as a federal appeals court in Chicago upheld a nationwide injunction against making federal grant funding contingent on cooperation with immigration enforcement.

A three-judge panel ruled that there were strong indications that the administration exceeded its legal authority in trying to implement the new conditions without approval from Congress.

The ruling came on a suit filed by the City of Chicago after the Justice Department imposed the new conditions last July in a bid to encourage state and local governments to provide more assistance to immigration authorities.

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One judge on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals panel, Reagan appointee Daniel Manion, said he would narrow the injunction solely to protect Chicago. However, the two other judges assigned to the case said the nationwide injunction appeared to be justified, reports the Washington Times.


The court, in sweeping language, cast itself as a defender against Mr. Trump’s bid at “tyranny.”

“If the Executive Branch can determine policy, and then use the power of the purse to mandate compliance with that policy by the state and local governments, all without the authorization or even acquiescence of elected legislators, that check against tyranny is forsaken,” wrote Judge Ilana Rovner, named to the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by New World Order open-border, globalist President George H.W. Bush.

Whether intentionally or not, the decision by the justices assists in the continuation of unimpeded mass illegal immigration, indeed, the invasion of the United States.

The intent of open-borders supporters is clear; the evaporation of a national identity, increased chaos and crime in society, so the citizens unwittingly demand their rights be taken away in the name of security.

We were warned America. Again, whether the decision of the judges was part of an agenda by intent will likely never be known, but the net result is clear. Illegal aliens continue to receive assistance of one sort or another by all levels of government, entirely in thanks to the Federal Judiciary.

Left unimpeded, the idea and reality of America will be nothing more than a distant memory as the North American Union becomes another part of the New World Order.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
April 19th, 2018


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