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Report – Amtrak Train Breaks Apart At 125 MPH #NewYork #Amtrak

I don’t know about you, but I’m not getting on a passenger train anytime soon. At least not until President Trump’s infrastructure plan replaces America’s decrepite, old fashioned, based on 1700’s technology railroads.

When Americans should be riding on electromagnetic elevated trains, we’re riding on a steel rail system that was designed by William Jessop, who had had earlier used a form of all-iron edge rail and flanged wheels successfully for an extension to the Charnwood Forest Canal at Nanpantan, Loughborough, Leicestershire in 1789.

In 1790, Jessop and his partner Outram began to manufacture edge-rails. Jessop became a partner in the Butterley Company in 1790. The first public edgeway (thus also first public railway) built was Lake Lock Rail Road in 1796. Although the primary purpose of the line was to carry coal, it also carried passengers.

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These two systems of constructing iron railways, the “L” plate-rail and the smooth edge-rail, continued to exist side by side until well on into the early 19th century. The flanged wheel and edge-rail eventually proved its superiority and became the standard for railways, and it is still used to this day.

Interestingly the width of railroad tracks came about because the first commercial rails were laid on the paths left by Roman chariots that had been packed down after hundreds of years of use. The width of the railroads is often criticized because of its instability, and the fact that wider tracks could carry much more payload.

Now, thanks to using antiquated means of mass transport, the New York Post reports that a high-speed Amtrak train bound for Penn Station broke apart as it was cruising through Maryland on Tuesday.

The 2150 Acela was traveling from Washington D.C. to the Big Apple when the incident happened at about 11:20 a.m. The train was traveling at about 125 mph, according to the source.

“Someone could have been walking through the train when that happened and fell to their death,” said the source.

A photo shows the connector between two coupled trains broken and separated.

Amtrak officials confirmed the incident, but didn’t immediately have details.

The incident happened just two days after an Amtrak train traveling through South Carolina slammed into the back of a freight train, killing two workers. And last week, an Amtrak train carrying several members of Congress slammed into a garbage truck in Virginia.


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February 6th, 2018


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