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America “To Become Strongest Energy Superpower World Has Ever Known” – White House #Trump #oil #news #energy

America to Become Strongest Energy Superpower World Has Ever Known certainly has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? America has the resources, we just need the will to dominate like nobody but America can do. Trump knows this.

So the Trump administration announced a proposal to allow oil drilling in virtually all US coastal waters, drawing immediate criticism from environmentalist nutjobs, but drawing equally loud praise from America-first patriotic nationalists.

Officials with the US Interior Department said the plan calls for 47 lease sales over five years, a radical increase from the level allowed under President Barack Obama reports Bloomberg.

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The Interior Department’s newly proposed five-year outer continental shelf plan, designed to align with President Donald Trump’s call for increased domestic energy production, would put up for auction the right to drill in areas offshore that in some cases had been off limits for decades.

It would allow Interior to offer for lease federal waters in the Arctic, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the eastern Gulf of Mexico, even as the department proposes to loosen offshore drilling safety regulations put in place after the massive 2010 BP oil spill.

“This is the start at looking at American energy dominance and looking at our offshore dominance,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told a conference call. “This is the beginning of an opening up. We will listen to all the communities of stakeholders. The states will have a voice.”

Thursday’s move starts a process that will run for at least several months, since Interior is required to collect public comment on the plan.

The department has already taken some steps to open some formerly closed areas, proposing earlier Thursday to make available seismic survey data for the waters off Hawaii that would be useful for oil and gas companies looking to explore the area.

“Under President Trump, we are going to become the strongest energy superpower this world has ever known,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told reporters.

The draft proposal illustrates the Trump administration’s commitment to expanding domestic energy development beyond the Gulf of Mexico. Both Trump and Zinke have celebrated American “energy dominance,” and the president has vowed to unleash the “vast energy wealth” of the U.S.

The Obama-era plan Trump is aiming to replace forces drillers to focus on the central and western Gulf of Mexico; only one of the existing program’s 11 sales is of territory elsewhere, a 2021 auction of acreage in Alaska’s Cook Inlet.


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January 4th, 2017

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