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After Not Getting Complete Surrender By NFL, Kaepernick Attacks Roger Goodell #o4a #NFLBoycott

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October 19th, 2017

If you’re gonna burn a bridge, torch it with rocket fuel! That seems to be Colin Kaepernick’s motto these days.

The odds of him ever playing in the NFL were slim enough, but then he compounded his issue by filing a grievance against the NFL for “blacklisting” him. As if that wasn’t enough he went after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as well.

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When it comes to Goodell, the best thing he could do is resign. He’s hated by the ingrate players that kneel, and he’s been hated for years by fans of the NFL for his spineless political correctness and ruining the league through pansification.

But, Kaepernick has never been known for his common sense or wisdom, so he threw the match on his last bridge back to the NFL with some retweets attacking Roger Goodell.

Many of the tweets he retweeted were directed at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who addressed the media at the league’s owners meetings in New York.

Goodell spoke at length, and saying nothing, about the national anthem protests, saying he wants — but is not mandating — all players to stand for the song, saying he aims to put the number of protesters “at zero.”

“Goodell and his avoidance of police killing unarmed black and brown people is an extension of the coopting/erasure of Kaepernick’s cause,” came a tweet from @LeftSentThis, endorsed by Kaepernick.

“White supremacy is thinking that ending black protest is a better goal than ending the murder of black lives,” wrote @samswey, in reply to Goodell’s goal of reducing the number of protesters, which Kaepernick also retweeted.

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