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Report: At least 500,000 Women & Girls in US Are At Risk For Muslim Genital Mutiliation *VIDEO* #FGM #Islam #MediaInfidels

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November 17th, 2017

Muslims claim that Allah is the same as God in the Bible, yet Islam consistently proves that everything Allah teaches is evil, or leads to evil.

Female genital mutilation is one part of the long list of evil acts commanded in the Quran, and it’s not something that happens “somewhere else”.

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It’s happening in the United States, despite Muslims denying it until they’re caught doing it. That kind of thing happens when your “religion” says it’s acceptable to lie to anyone for anything, if it promotes the growth of Islam.

According to leading Muslim reformer and Clarion board member Raheel Raza, As many as half-a-million American women and girls are at risk from the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).

She issued the warning during a video interview with Ben Shapiro for The Daily Wire while promoting the Censored Women’s Film Festival which took place in Los Angeles this week.

The barbaric practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) involves the partial or complete removal of external female genitalia, and the procedure is often done with rusty, unsterilized tools.

Most victims of FGM are girls who are cut between the ages of four and 12. The World Health Organization regards FGM as a worldwide public health issue due to its harmful physical and mental effects.

Short-term complications can include hemorrhaging, pain, shock, and even death, while long-term complications include formation of cysts, problems with sexual intercourse and giving birth, chronic pelvic infection and sterility.

The trauma of FGM often lasts a lifetime, can cause depression and anxiety, among other psychological problems and it reduces or eliminate sexual pleasure for the victim.

But yet Muslims want people to believe that God commanded this. No, Allah is Satan, and Satan commanded this evil act, and the net results of the suffering it causes proves it.

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