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“Michael Moore On Broadway” Crashes & Burns, Falls Far Short of Anti-Trump Propagandist’s Lofty Expectations #o4a #Trump

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
October 24th, 2017

Michael Moore’s attempt at political stagecraft was an abysmal failure, falling far short of attendance and box office profit expectations, reports Fox News.

Moore’s “The Terms of My Surrender” brought in mere $4.2 million during its 13-week run, according to, but the site reports that’s far less what the left-wing political tomfoolery was expected to make.

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The show quietly closed this last weekend after weeks of failing to live up to expectations.

The leftist propaganda film maker’s play was an exercise in narcissism, and focused on Moore’s life and unfounded criticism of President Trump.

In comparison, “The Glass Menagerie,” the play that ran at the same theater before Moore’s show, brought in $5.4 million with 85 performances. Moore’s show had a total of 83 performances.

The 63-year-old’s stage show was reviled by critics across the country. The New Yorker said Moore “doesn’t have a late-night comedian’s timing. He punctuates his own jokes with nervous giggles, mumbles between lines, and, despite his baggy frame, has little sense of himself as a physical comedian.”

An LA Times reviewer wrote, “I have no political beef with Moore…but I found myself cringing at the self-congratulatory applause that would break out when he would utter one of his pieties. And I lost patience with the way he seemed to want both sympathy for being a victim of the right and adulation for being the champion of all mankind.”

Desperate to put a positive spin on the failed stage experiment, Moore told the Wall Street Journal in an email his show was “the most artistically gratifying experience of my life.”

Showing his best face, Moore also said there are “talks happening about taking this show on the road.”

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