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38 Year Old Chicago Child Molester “Identifies” As 9 Year Old Boy #Liberal #freakshow

In another sign that liberalism is a mental disease, a 38-year-old Chicago man accused of molesting three pre-teen girls told police he is a boy trapped in a man’s body, and identifies as a 9 year old boy, according to court documents.

Joseph Roman was charged with a long list of sexual molestation charges after three girls between the ages of six and eight came forward alleging they were assaulted during a three-year period.

During a January 24 hearing, Roman reportedly admitted to some of the charges and told the court he felt he was “a nine-year-old trapped in an adult’s body,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

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Prosecutors said the attacks began in 2015 after a family moved into a home with the suspect, and they continued until 2017.

Roman reportedly began assaulting the first child while the others were asleep. The child was six when the assaults allegedly started.

Roman is also accused of molesting an eight-year-old while her family also stayed with the suspect. During the ten-week period the family stayed in Roman’s home, prosecutors say the suspect repeatedly abused the girl while other members of the family were out of the home. The child’s mother worked nights, and Roman was tasked with minding the children, according to investigators.

The attacks continued after the family moved out, prosecutors said.

Between January 2017 and January of this year, Roman allegedly assaulted another 6-year-old girl while she slept in his home, prosecutors said. The girl’s family, and the family of one of the other victims, confronted Roman after an attack Jan. 6.

Finally, prosecutors allege that Roman assaulted a third child while she slept in his home visiting the other children. This six-year-old girl’s family confronted Roman about the allegations, and the police were called.

Roman reportedly turned in a video confession to the court and was charged with a Class X felony.


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January 26th, 2018


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