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Margaret Sanger Would Be Thrilled! #1 Killer of Black Americans is Abortion #abortion #murder #BlackLivesMatter

Induced abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States and accounts for a disturbing 61 percent of deaths of African Americans, according to researchers from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

A report analyzed research using data from the latest year for which all the pertinent information is available (2009) and found that induced abortion was responsible for 1.152 million deaths, making it the number one cause of death in the U.S. at nearly twice the number of deaths from heart disease (599,413) and cancer (567,628).

While abortion accounted for nearly a third of all U.S. deaths in 2009 (32.1 percent), more troubling still, it made up 61.1 percent of African American deaths, according to the study published in the Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (June 2016).

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The ongoing disparity of black deaths through abortion has led one leading black pastor to recently decry the “black genocide” taking place in the United States at the hands of the abortion industry.

In his July essay, the Rev. Clenard Childress, Jr. noted that 52 percent of all African American pregnancies end in abortion and that whereas abortion is the most common operation performed on women, it is also “the least regulated medical procedure” and is often “completely ignored by health regulation enforcement.”

Statistics reveal that nearly 1,800 unborn black babies are aborted every day, proportionately more than any other race, Rev. Childress observed.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), between 2007 and 2010, more than 35 percent of the deaths by abortion in the United States happened to black babies, despite the fact that blacks represent only 12.8 percent of the population.

Conversely, non-Hispanic whites, who make up 63.7% of America’s population, account for only 37.7% of all U.S. abortions.

Whatever the intent of abortion practitioners, by functional standards, abortion is a racist institution in the United States, with black children aborted at nearly four times the rate of white children.

Among white women, there are 138 abortions for every 1000 live births; among blacks, there are 501 abortions for every 1000 births. This means that blacks are aborted at 3.6 times the rate of whites.

Carried over to a global context, the figures are equally worrisome, with abortion accounting for more deaths than any other cause.

As of August 4, 2018, there have been nearly 25 million abortions performed worldwide so far this year, while less than a million people have died from road accident fatalities, 4.8 million from cancer, and 990,000 from HIV/AIDS, according to the best available data.

In their study, the UNC-Charlotte researchers, James Studnicki, Sharon J. MacKinnon, and John W. Fisher, lamented the fact that despite the overwhelming weight of data and the universal acknowledgement that the act of abortion results in a human death, abortion is often not reported as a cause of death in the vital statistics system in the United States, an omission stemming from ideology rather than science.

“The exclusion of a major cause of death,” they noted, “especially one with large racial and ethnic disparities, should be a major concern to the scientific community and society as a whole.”

“As a cause of death, the major one for Hispanics and African Americans,” said Dr. Studnicki, the lead researcher, “abortion would be at the top of the scientific agenda in the U.S., and with a funding priority consistent with its importance.”


Recently while in Ireland, Hillary Clinton praised the unmitigated slaughter of the unborn for the sake of convenience.

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gushed over the pro-abortion activists who repealed Ireland’s legal protection for unborn babies during remarks to Irish college students.

It was a sickening occasion, and a temporary escape from the lawsuit filed against her recently that indicted her, George Soros and others for racketeering using the United States RICO act. (Details here.)

The former First Lady, New York senator, and Secretary of State was visiting Trinity College Dublin to receive an honorary doctorate in laws, the Irish Times reports.

Clinton used the opportunity to recognize the “grassroots” pro-abortion movement, and went so far as to say legalization of the slaughter of the unborn for convenience of women too lazy to use birth control, “inspiring.”

“Anyone who cares about preserving a democratic future must recognize that we need to do a better job of making democracy work for young people,” Clinton said. “I’ve also seen what’s possible when young people participate, and make your voices heard. The Irish abortion referendum was an inspiring sight.”

“Airports were mini-rallies with cheering and colourful banners greeting citizens who came as far away as from Japan, Australia and, of course, America,” she went on. “On the day of the vote one of the strictest laws in the world was overturned with nearly 87 percent of 18- to 25-year-olds voting ‘yes.’”

On May 25, the Irish people voted 66% to 33% to repeal the country’s 8th Amendment, which recognized a preborn right to life deserving of equal protection. Repeal did not directly legalize abortion, but cleared a path for a government proposal to legalize elective first-trimester abortions, with later abortions supposedly limited to medical emergencies or fatal fetal abnormalities.

Despite pro-abortion campaigners’ promises of a moderate abortion law, the government followed up repeal by announcing plans to force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions, force taxpayers to fund them, force general practitioners to provide abortion referrals, and block pro-lifers from praying, protesting, or counseling outside abortion facilities.

“We are living through an era when fundamental rights, civic virtue, even facts and reason are under assault like never before,” Clinton claimed, blasting President Donald Trump for the temporary separation of illegal alien parents from children at the southern border.

Throughout her speech, Clinton made it a recurring point to stoke millennials’ self-image as principled idealists, declaring that “no demographic is better positioned to be a force on the side of democracy, progress, and equality,” and assuring them she is “filled with confidence that you will be able to answer these questions and build a better world than the one we’re leaving in your lap.”

While the pro-abortion side’s margin of victory revealed an undeniable depth of popular support for repeal, Clinton’s depiction of the campaign as a grassroots movement downplays the support abortion enjoyed from powerful organizations and elite public figures.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
August 6th, 2018


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